Rimjhim Garg

Hi, My name is Rimjhim..I am a business analyst by profession and crafter by choice. Crafting and painting is just like a meditation for me. I am into arts since my childhood. But then came into IT sector and decided to pursue my hobby along with it. I came back to painting first. After a gap of many years and then got interested in crafting. I am basically into wood works, decoupage and painting. Though, I don’t limit myself to this. I keep experimenting with mixed media and scrapbooking too.

Rupa Swaminathan and Tanvi Shah are my biggest inspiration. They are like my motivating factor. I learn a lot from them.

While I have a job of 9-6, I somehow manage to take out time for my crafting. So, I have a fixed routine- 9-6 office, 6:30-7:30 aerobics/badminton and then 8-12 my crafting.. I like to keep myself busy..LOL..

I came across Zibica last year. I felt it’s an amazing initiative where all the crafters get a chance to showcase their work and earn at the same time. I am selling nameplates, dreamcatchers etc on Zibica.

Few of my creations:

Here is my Zibica store link: https://www.zibica.in/vendor-shop/artdelight.html/


Anita Orlene

Hi, I’m Anita Orlene, a civil engineer and craftsperson. Having a mother and grandmothers who were talented crafts-persons, it was only natural that I followed in their footsteps.

While i have always pursed crafty activities it was only when my daughter was born, and I found the clothes in the market were not to my liking that i started sewing her clothes and later crocheting and knitting for her. As she grew, I started making soft toys too.

Now that the kids have grown, and my interest in my hobbies has not lessened I have started selling what I make. I enjoy sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, paper-craft, jewellery making, felt crafts (to list a few). I also free-lance as a 3D visualizer for architects.

Few of my creations:


My Zibica store link: https://www.zibica.in/vendor-shop/wilderfly.html/

Online – Craft supply stores in India

List of online craft stores in India:
















Facebook Page:





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Suma G V


Tell us a something about yourself & your background?
I am Suma, a painting artist, residing in Bengaluru. I have been teaching art for children and adults for 5 years now.

Why did you get into crafting?
I did a sketching and painting course as a part of multimedia diploma. I was hooked to painting when people appreciated my work and wanted to purchase the paintings. I was doing this course since I had been bored of the corporate monotonous job. I have been very happy I took this decision.

What is your favorite crafting technique?
I cannot choose one craft a favorite although I have to say i have done more with paper.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
All the people who are smart and hardworking in their respective fields inspire me. One man who is a constant inspiration is Dr. Abdul J Kalam sir.

How do you balance between work and home?
I try to take up as much work as I can at any particular time.

How has Zibica been able to help you?
Zibica has been very encouraging and appreciative of my works. I try to do something unique so that people are happy to own them.

What are the categories that you are selling on in Zibica?
Home decor, return gifts, utility.

Share your Zibica store link?
Few of my creations:

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Home Décor : Styling your home your way!!

Zibica is home for beautiful, artistically designed décor items which can elevate the look of any house. We have a unique combination of various styles across our handmade products. Here is our recommendation for the Top 5 home décor items.

  1. Dry Arrangement:

Create that perfect look for your house through our artistically arranged dry flowers. Choose across various styles and colors and instantly add life to your house. Check them out here


  1. Hangings:

Our collection of wall hangings can beautify the simplest of rooms and add life to them. Deck your house in these handmade beautiful embellishments in various designs. Check them out here


  1. Sculpture:

A beautifully modelled sculptor is one of the best ways to express your taste in art. At Zibica we understand that, hence we have handpicked a range of beautiful sculpture, which varies from religious, spiritual to abstract. Check it out here


  1. Recycled art:

At Zibica, recycle and reuse has a different meaning. The once obsolete items are not only recycled but are transformed and given a new life. Check out our collection here


  1. Paintings:

Your house can be as bright and as subtle as the choice of your painting. We have a collection of over 80 paintings created by our artists, from simple portrayal of Radha Krisha to spring theme, from Samyak theme to abstract. Choose as per your artistic inclination. Check out the options here.


Handmade cards

Creating unique cards for your loved ones

How often have you as a child or your little one doodled on a piece of paper & played around with colors & words to bring it alive & express your love to your family, friends & teachers too! Cardmaking, the craft of hand making greeting cards is nothing new but is gaining popularity in INDIA, not just because of the easy availability of craft supplies but because these are unique & personalized to make the recipient feel truly special & loved. It is one of the best ways to convey our love & affection! Handmade cards bring joy to not only the maker but giver & receiver as well!

Card making is a process & not a technique, the process begins with the person himself & leads to creating a unique card “tailored” for him, the colors, the shape, the theme, the sentiments all chosen to suit his personality. This means “handmade cards” are not mass produced & they do not express someone else’s sentiments but help you chose/customize your own sentiments & convey them. A handmade card is a treasure to be kept forever & what better way to make someone know you really care.

Handmade cards are available in different styles, different colors, different shapes, different themes, different occasions for all age groups some are rather simple while others rather intricate, some sentimental & some rather funny!

By definition “handmade” is made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality! So are our cards!

This post was contributed by Tanvi Shah.

These are very few of her beautiful cards:



M21 D28

Demystifying Decoupage

Hello every one! If you are a person who loves to design interiors for home or is interested in exclusive home décor items ,then you would surely like to know about the latest craze – and that is ‘’Decoupage home décor and gift items”

Now, what is Decoupage? Well, the word originates from the French word ‘decouper’ which literally means to ‘’cut-outs”. It is not as simple as it sounds though. This is an ancient art started by the Siberian nomadic tribes for tomb paintings. Then the art came to China in form of lantern decoupage in the 12th century and it was in the 17th century, that decoupage found its way in the French and British royal courts of King George III and Queen Charlotte. Under their patronage Decoupage art became very popular and was widely used in home décor items and furniture. Today, again this form of art has been revived by using better and more elaborate range of materials.

Let me explain you a little about what goes into making of an exclusive ‘decoupage’ item. Decoupage is the skilled process of cutting and pasting paper with deft fingers using a special adhesive on the object. It is no ordinary paper that is used here, especially ordered and manufactured rice paper, decoupage paper, tissue paper ,card stock paper are used . Then, several coats of lacquer using with special technique are applied repeatedly over a period of time to cure it. The process also involves various techniques and treatments like hand painting, stenciling, sketching, sea sponge painting, stamping etc…The final end product will seem to be an object that has been hand painted with precision and looks totally beautiful!

The good thing about this art is also in the fact that it can be done on a variety of surfaces like glass, wood, plastic, canvas, tin, candle etc. A person buying ‘decoupage ‘products, is actually investing in a piece of ‘ancient art ‘which is exquisite and laboriously crafted and meant to be treasured!

Am sure you have an eye for aesthetics and would love to be a part of the decoupage heritage-so share it, buy one today!!

This post was contributed by Vinita Bajla.

Read more about her here: http://zibica.in/blog/vinita-bajla/

You can check her work at: https://www.zibica.in/vendor-shop/gulmohargalore.html/

Handmade Home Utility

A beautiful home reflects the beauty of the person residing in it. At Zibica we understand that and hence we have created a range of home utility products which are not only beautiful, but most of these can be customized to suit your taste and style. Here is our recommendation for home utilities from our collection:

1) Trays:


We have a range of beautiful trays in multiple designs to pick from. Our range gels well with almost all styles, from contemporary to traditional, from floral to quirky, or from Rajasthani to Mediterranean. Check out the collection here

2) Coasters:


Our collection of coasters will make your regular coasters look boring and dull. We have a handmade collection with a huge range, again varying across styles. From religious theme, to even a Star War theme, we have an envious collection. Check it out here.

3) Quilts:


Our artists at Zibica specialize in handmade quilts. We have a range of “Godhris”, which are traditional hand stitched and patch work quilt. Every quilt has a unique design. Check out the collection here.

4) Tissue Box:


At Zibica we put in our utmost effort to make your home look beautiful, even the small items are taken care of and are handmade with a lot of love. We have a range of beautiful tissue boxes like Vintage, English or wooden etc. Check out our collection here

5) Key Holders:


Our range of handmade/hand painted key holders range from the uber chic wooden chop board holder to the divine Radha Krishna holder etc. Check out the collection here

6) Mobile Hangers:


Our mobile hangers will elevate the look of any room they are a part of. They are absolutely gorgeous and can be disguised as a part of home decor easily. Check out our collection here.