Vishakha Agarwal


I, Vishakha Agarwal, an engineering student, from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. I am a huge fan of wearing t-shirts with cute cartoons and funny quotes. But whenever I went out shopping for T-shirts, all I got was same old boring designs and quotes, which really pissed me off. Then an idea struck my mind, why can’t I paint a plain t-shirt on my own according to my choice of design. So, I started with painting t-shirts for my friends and family with cartoons that match them the best and gifted them to see whether they like my painting. With their positive response, I was very excited to paint t-shirts for everybody who asked for.

When I came to know about Zibica, I found a platform to sell my hand painted t-shirts online and earn some extra money. I was very happy when I received my first order .Thank you so much Zibica 

Few Creations at Zibica :




My Zibica’s Store :


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