I am khushboo  hailing from a modest family with a passion for craft work . My journey with craft items has been amazing . From making them to visiting different craft fairs hosted in different cities as well have judged few craft competitions in my hometown primary schools. my affair with craft is long and soothing, it gives me peace of mind as every strand of components is gathered together that unfolds into a new item . Each item with a story of its own.

From my school days I had knack for more and more creative craft ideas but due to studies could not get through it . This little craving got one more chance whilst studying in college and having ample time for myself. I started by making birthday cards, paintings and sketches , etc for my friends . Then I realized I could do much more beyond it . Eventually , I got familiar with the art of making dreamcatchers. I still remember my first dreamcatcher was a simple yet appealing. I started gifting dreamcatchers on several  occasions to my friends and they highly appreciated it as it was a new item added to gift list. The designs are creative and each one is unique in terms of color and other contents put together for a Dream catcher. It would be a pleasure for me if given an opportunity to make more dreamcatchers by exploring my creativity and thought. My journey with craft has been vibrant and has given me a quite basic experience and knowledge regarding customers needs , need trends which has continuous source of support to make more and more dream catchers.

Few of my creations on Zibica :

IMG_20160116_175548   DSC_0437   IMG_20160116_175433

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