Chan Shiva


Hi, I’m Chan Siva, a Chennai based Artist. I paint on all subjects of paintings from traditional to modern art, but I mainly work on Color theory artworks.

I had interest in Art since my childhood but what influenced me to pursue Art are Color theory techniques which gave a lively and vibrant feel, and million possibilities to show my creativity, feelings, and emotions through art. My first exhibit was in QCC art gallery in New York, 2011 which gave me confidence to pursue Art further. Since then done one solo exhibit in USA and few group exhibits in India. My works mainly revolves around color theory techniques to express the emotions, feelings and the inner feelings of the subject of my painting. Though I’m familiar with most methods, I mainly work on Acrylic paintings.

       In addition to painting on canvas, I also started working on various home decor products like clocks, key holders, key chains, phone stand, coasters, etc., I have received a good response to date on my works and I’m hoping to further improve my skills and start more products in the future

Few of my Creations at Zibica :

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Vaishali Khandwala


Hello, I am Vaishali Khandwala from Mumbai. I always had an affinity to create things with my own hands. This creative inclination took me to study architecture and I freelanced as an interior designer for quite some time. Composing forms and elements together comes naturally to me and I love working in three dimension, with various materials, objects and techniques.  Since 2011, I am enjoying putting all this together through crafting. I hand make products and design craft workshops.

When working with children or making something for children, I use variety of materials and focus on recycling. This helps children to learn crafting from objects that are easily available and inexpensive….something what I enjoyed as a child…Best out of Waste.

Exploring the art of decoupage has been very fulfilling for me. Using this art, I create home décor products, office products and customize gifts for special occasions. Multipurpose boxes, trays, tissue boxes, coasters, magnets, card holders, photo frames, pen holders, wooden momentos, bookmarks are some of the decoupage products, that I have been making. The products are not only beautiful with fine finish, but they have utility too. Hence they are a treasured memory for both the giver and the receiver.

Crafting is a journey for me. I call it Craft Express….where I express myself through craft.  My creative growth happens every single day….it may be working on a new requirement of a customer, or exploring a new idea.

Happy Crafting from Craft Express…..Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!

 Zibica shop is a wonderful space of handcrafted goodies.

My creations on Zibica:

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