Quick tips on photography

1.    Location and space


The ideal space for photographing your creation is natural light. Best source of natural lighting is a large window or terrace. You also need to make sure that there is enough space for the product, like a large table or empty floor.

2.    Correct angle of view


Position of your phone or camera is very important. Positioning shows the perfect view of the product and highlights the best features. You need to experiment from different angles too.

If you are using a camera then tripod is the best option for shaper look.

3.    Add your backgrounds/surfaces.


Having a clear background is very important aspect of photography.  Plain white background or handmade white texture paper is perfect for product photography but in case if you are planning for any other pattern or base then make sure that its not too distracting or over bold.

Background should be large enough to look like a room space of the photograph.

4.    Rotate your set for the perfect light


Positioning the product in correct way is very important. Less light or unwanted shadow can be avoided with use of white card as a reflector to bounce light into the shadow area. Using a table lamp is a good option to enhance the product.

A little change in the position can completely alter the look of a product. It’s always good to have extra background surface so that you can rotate your product to get perfect click.

We hope these little tips will be useful for better photos of your creations.

Note : Images used in this log are from Ankitesh’s Photography and google.


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