Handmade cards

Creating unique cards for your loved ones

How often have you as a child or your little one doodled on a piece of paper & played around with colors & words to bring it alive & express your love to your family, friends & teachers too! Cardmaking, the craft of hand making greeting cards is nothing new but is gaining popularity in INDIA, not just because of the easy availability of craft supplies but because these are unique & personalized to make the recipient feel truly special & loved. It is one of the best ways to convey our love & affection! Handmade cards bring joy to not only the maker but giver & receiver as well!

Card making is a process & not a technique, the process begins with the person himself & leads to creating a unique card “tailored” for him, the colors, the shape, the theme, the sentiments all chosen to suit his personality. This means “handmade cards” are not mass produced & they do not express someone else’s sentiments but help you chose/customize your own sentiments & convey them. A handmade card is a treasure to be kept forever & what better way to make someone know you really care.

Handmade cards are available in different styles, different colors, different shapes, different themes, different occasions for all age groups some are rather simple while others rather intricate, some sentimental & some rather funny!

By definition “handmade” is made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality! So are our cards!

This post was contributed by Tanvi Shah.

These are very few of her beautiful cards:



M21 D28

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