Rimjhim Garg

Hi, My name is Rimjhim..I am a business analyst by profession and crafter by choice. Crafting and painting is just like a meditation for me. I am into arts since my childhood. But then came into IT sector and decided to pursue my hobby along with it. I came back to painting first. After a gap of many years and then got interested in crafting. I am basically into wood works, decoupage and painting. Though, I don’t limit myself to this. I keep experimenting with mixed media and scrapbooking too.

Rupa Swaminathan and Tanvi Shah are my biggest inspiration. They are like my motivating factor. I learn a lot from them.

While I have a job of 9-6, I somehow manage to take out time for my crafting. So, I have a fixed routine- 9-6 office, 6:30-7:30 aerobics/badminton and then 8-12 my crafting.. I like to keep myself busy..LOL..

I came across Zibica last year. I felt it’s an amazing initiative where all the crafters get a chance to showcase their work and earn at the same time. I am selling nameplates, dreamcatchers etc on Zibica.

Few of my creations:

Here is my Zibica store link: https://www.zibica.in/vendor-shop/artdelight.html/


Anita Orlene

Hi, I’m Anita Orlene, a civil engineer and craftsperson. Having a mother and grandmothers who were talented crafts-persons, it was only natural that I followed in their footsteps.

While i have always pursed crafty activities it was only when my daughter was born, and I found the clothes in the market were not to my liking that i started sewing her clothes and later crocheting and knitting for her. As she grew, I started making soft toys too.

Now that the kids have grown, and my interest in my hobbies has not lessened I have started selling what I make. I enjoy sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, paper-craft, jewellery making, felt crafts (to list a few). I also free-lance as a 3D visualizer for architects.

Few of my creations:


My Zibica store link: https://www.zibica.in/vendor-shop/wilderfly.html/

Suma G V


Tell us a something about yourself & your background?
I am Suma, a painting artist, residing in Bengaluru. I have been teaching art for children and adults for 5 years now.

Why did you get into crafting?
I did a sketching and painting course as a part of multimedia diploma. I was hooked to painting when people appreciated my work and wanted to purchase the paintings. I was doing this course since I had been bored of the corporate monotonous job. I have been very happy I took this decision.

What is your favorite crafting technique?
I cannot choose one craft a favorite although I have to say i have done more with paper.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
All the people who are smart and hardworking in their respective fields inspire me. One man who is a constant inspiration is Dr. Abdul J Kalam sir.

How do you balance between work and home?
I try to take up as much work as I can at any particular time.

How has Zibica been able to help you?
Zibica has been very encouraging and appreciative of my works. I try to do something unique so that people are happy to own them.

What are the categories that you are selling on in Zibica?
Home decor, return gifts, utility.

Share your Zibica store link?
Few of my creations:

Vinita Bajla

Hello, all!

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I am Vinita Bajla from Bangalore. I have been crafting passionately for more than two years. My forte is Decoupage. This is an ancient technique by which slivers of paper are stuck on wood, glass, plastic, etc and then lacquered with many coats for a couple of days. It is a very laborious yet an interesting art. The final result seems like the surface has been painted. Decoupage can be done on home décor items like trays, birdhouses, drawers, glass bottles, hangers, paper weights, pen-stands, cutlery stand, caddy boxes, watch boxes, jewellery boxes, office stationery and many more.

I learnt Decoupage two years back and instantly fell in love with the art. I found it interesting that different papers like cardstock, wrapping paper, newspaper, tissue-paper etc work differently on different surfaces. I thoroughly enjoy hand painting, stencilling, stamping on my decoupage products. Every time when I fall in love with my own products, I know my client is going to love them too.

My other passion is paper craft like envelopes, invites, etc for all occasions.I love customizing an order for a valued client and believe in giving joy to the person who receives it. I ensure high quality and good finishing in all products.

“To me art is a therapy and Gulmohar Galore is about fulfilling little dreams of people”

Few of my creations :




My store link :


Chan Shiva


Hi, I’m Chan Siva, a Chennai based Artist. I paint on all subjects of paintings from traditional to modern art, but I mainly work on Color theory artworks.

I had interest in Art since my childhood but what influenced me to pursue Art are Color theory techniques which gave a lively and vibrant feel, and million possibilities to show my creativity, feelings, and emotions through art. My first exhibit was in QCC art gallery in New York, 2011 which gave me confidence to pursue Art further. Since then done one solo exhibit in USA and few group exhibits in India. My works mainly revolves around color theory techniques to express the emotions, feelings and the inner feelings of the subject of my painting. Though I’m familiar with most methods, I mainly work on Acrylic paintings.

       In addition to painting on canvas, I also started working on various home decor products like clocks, key holders, key chains, phone stand, coasters, etc., I have received a good response to date on my works and I’m hoping to further improve my skills and start more products in the future

Few of my Creations at Zibica :

IMG_20160205_164503     IMG_20160129_231600     IMG_20160204_111522_01

My Store Link : 


Vaishali Khandwala


Hello, I am Vaishali Khandwala from Mumbai. I always had an affinity to create things with my own hands. This creative inclination took me to study architecture and I freelanced as an interior designer for quite some time. Composing forms and elements together comes naturally to me and I love working in three dimension, with various materials, objects and techniques.  Since 2011, I am enjoying putting all this together through crafting. I hand make products and design craft workshops.

When working with children or making something for children, I use variety of materials and focus on recycling. This helps children to learn crafting from objects that are easily available and inexpensive….something what I enjoyed as a child…Best out of Waste.

Exploring the art of decoupage has been very fulfilling for me. Using this art, I create home décor products, office products and customize gifts for special occasions. Multipurpose boxes, trays, tissue boxes, coasters, magnets, card holders, photo frames, pen holders, wooden momentos, bookmarks are some of the decoupage products, that I have been making. The products are not only beautiful with fine finish, but they have utility too. Hence they are a treasured memory for both the giver and the receiver.

Crafting is a journey for me. I call it Craft Express….where I express myself through craft.  My creative growth happens every single day….it may be working on a new requirement of a customer, or exploring a new idea.

Happy Crafting from Craft Express…..Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!

 Zibica shop is a wonderful space of handcrafted goodies.

My creations on Zibica:

P1020329     IMG_2889     IMG_0902

 My Store at Zibica:



I am khushboo  hailing from a modest family with a passion for craft work . My journey with craft items has been amazing . From making them to visiting different craft fairs hosted in different cities as well have judged few craft competitions in my hometown primary schools. my affair with craft is long and soothing, it gives me peace of mind as every strand of components is gathered together that unfolds into a new item . Each item with a story of its own.

From my school days I had knack for more and more creative craft ideas but due to studies could not get through it . This little craving got one more chance whilst studying in college and having ample time for myself. I started by making birthday cards, paintings and sketches , etc for my friends . Then I realized I could do much more beyond it . Eventually , I got familiar with the art of making dreamcatchers. I still remember my first dreamcatcher was a simple yet appealing. I started gifting dreamcatchers on several  occasions to my friends and they highly appreciated it as it was a new item added to gift list. The designs are creative and each one is unique in terms of color and other contents put together for a Dream catcher. It would be a pleasure for me if given an opportunity to make more dreamcatchers by exploring my creativity and thought. My journey with craft has been vibrant and has given me a quite basic experience and knowledge regarding customers needs , need trends which has continuous source of support to make more and more dream catchers.

Few of my creations on Zibica :

IMG_20160116_175548   DSC_0437   IMG_20160116_175433

My Store Link :



swarna (1)

Myself Swarna, Interior Designer turned Crafter from Bangalore. I did my graduation in Business Administration and then got a diploma in Interior Designing. After working as a freelancer for two – three projects, I settled down to a married life. Started my passion for crafting as a hobby, way back in 2008 with paper quilling, turned it into a venture ‘KraftyWaves’ in 2012. Basically, started selling paper quilling work, and later on picked up to Personalised gifts, which has a huge positive response from different parts of India as well as Abroad !
My first order of exploding gift box sent overseas bought me much confidence that I    will be able to succeed in this product line.
I try to create a product which is unique and brings happiness to my client’s face and I am happy that i am able to do it.
My inspirations are many crafters who do the best job in this field of crafting.
I work on a project till I get satisfied with the result.

Few of my creations on the website are :

swarna (13)    swarna (14)    swarna (12)

My  Store Link :


Vishakha Agarwal


I, Vishakha Agarwal, an engineering student, from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. I am a huge fan of wearing t-shirts with cute cartoons and funny quotes. But whenever I went out shopping for T-shirts, all I got was same old boring designs and quotes, which really pissed me off. Then an idea struck my mind, why can’t I paint a plain t-shirt on my own according to my choice of design. So, I started with painting t-shirts for my friends and family with cartoons that match them the best and gifted them to see whether they like my painting. With their positive response, I was very excited to paint t-shirts for everybody who asked for.

When I came to know about Zibica, I found a platform to sell my hand painted t-shirts online and earn some extra money. I was very happy when I received my first order .Thank you so much Zibica 

Few Creations at Zibica :




My Zibica’s Store :



Soniya Agarwal


A Crafter by choice, I Soniya Agarwal, a Mumbai based crafter, own a handmade crafting blog where we specialize in varieties of scrapbooks, record books, magnets, mixed media art, creative utility items and much more. All of our art work is very unique, made as per our client’s  requirements. Before we start out work, we have a detailed discussion with the client to understand the likes and dislikes of their loved ones. We make sure that when they receive the gift, the first thing that they utter is, ‘WOW’!

I started searching for people who required cute handmade stuffs for their loved ones. With a few responses for personalized things, I came up with cute albums and scrapbooks for different occasions and with a great feedback from my customers, Growing Craft now makes a wide variety of beautiful handmade items from gift boxes, name tags, pregnancy books, MDF décor and much more. I work single-handedly to make all my products with great care. My goal is to capture everybody’s precious memories under one product and to see my customers happy with my work.

Few Creations at Zibica :




Zibica’s Store link :