Richa Agarwal

The subject of my paintings vary from traditional to contemporary to abstract, though more inclined to the later. You may also find a tint of different textures in some of the art works. Each piece is a complete story in itself which adds to the glamour of the wall on which it is affixed. Paintings are like treasure whose values are added on by the connoisseurs.
My expertise are in oil painting and acrylic painting. I like visualising ethenic images with a different outlook which adds and completely changes the imagery.

In addition to the canvas, I also like to colour T-shirts and Shoes. I only use the finest quality material and washable colours, so the products are very practical and comfortable to wear. While I design some of the products based on my own imagination, I also create customized products based on clients’ asks and preferences. So I am able to create these across sizes, patterns, designs and colour.

Few Creations at Zibica : 

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