Suma G V


Tell us a something about yourself & your background?
I am Suma, a painting artist, residing in Bengaluru. I have been teaching art for children and adults for 5 years now.

Why did you get into crafting?
I did a sketching and painting course as a part of multimedia diploma. I was hooked to painting when people appreciated my work and wanted to purchase the paintings. I was doing this course since I had been bored of the corporate monotonous job. I have been very happy I took this decision.

What is your favorite crafting technique?
I cannot choose one craft a favorite although I have to say i have done more with paper.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
All the people who are smart and hardworking in their respective fields inspire me. One man who is a constant inspiration is Dr. Abdul J Kalam sir.

How do you balance between work and home?
I try to take up as much work as I can at any particular time.

How has Zibica been able to help you?
Zibica has been very encouraging and appreciative of my works. I try to do something unique so that people are happy to own them.

What are the categories that you are selling on in Zibica?
Home decor, return gifts, utility.

Share your Zibica store link?
Few of my creations: